Robbo’s Rancho Halibut Burrito’s
By Rob Endsley
/Prince of Wales Sportfishing


One pound skinless halibut

Refried beans

6 baby red potatoes

One cup grated chedder cheese

Flour burrito-size tortillas

Two eggs

¼ cup milk

Two packets favorite taco seasoning

One cup flour

Sliced iceberg lettuce

Three to four diced Roma tomatoes

Mango salsa

Ranch dressing

Olive Oil



Slice baby red potatoes into fourths and fry in olive oil until crunchy, seasoning to taste with salt and pepper.  Begin heating refried beans on medium heat in small pot. 

Whip two eggs in small bowl and add ¼ cup milk for egg wash.  Combine two packets of favorite taco seasoning with one cup flour in one gallon Zip Loc bag and shake thoroughly to mix.  Cut halibut in one inch thick strips and place in egg wash.  Remove halibut from egg wash and place into Zip Loc bag, being careful to seal the bag, and shake to thoroughly coat the halibut.  Fry halibut in olive oil in a non stick pan until golden brown on each side.

Spread refried beans onto flour tortilla and add cheese, halibut strips, potatoes, iceberg lettuce, and tomatoes.  Add ranch dressing and desired amount of mango salsa and roll into burrito, folding over the ends.  There is typically enough for four to five burritos.

Use nonfat refried beans and ranch dressing for an extra healthy version of these delicious burritos.  Another trick to make for more crunchy halibut is to dust the strips first in the flour/seasoning combo, dip in egg wash, and then dust the halibut a second time in the flour mixture. 






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